Reasons/Myths for FGM/C

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Here are some of the major reasons cited over and over again by different communities as to why they perform Female Genital Mutilation/ Female Circumcision (Myths that support FGM/C)


  • In some communities its seen as a rite of passage, this is mainly done at around puberty to initiate a girl to adulthood
  • To enhance male sexual pleasures
  •  The extended lips holds/ directs the man’s penis during sex hence ensuring that he doesn’t miss the vagina/get out easily
  • It reduces the urge for sex in women and hence men can easily satisfy them
  • It instills discipline to women and hence they become respectful to their men
  • In some communities its considered as  beautifying
  • To ensure purity by maintaining virginity this is mainly with infibulation
  • To prepare a girl for marriage
  • To preserve family honor and prestige



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