End Childmarriage and FGM Challenge to my fellow youth

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The problem of Child marriage continues to bite in many African communities. Most of African countries have legal marriage age set at 18 years; despite this the law has been overlooked in most cases with many girls getting married way below this age. Now the question begs whose responsibility is it to protect these girls from this harmful traditional practice?

In my view I believe the youth and especially men can play a very great role in the fight against early marriages. The girls that are married off have their peers, friends and brothers who are supposed to safeguard them. My challenge to young men out there is they should be their sister’s keepers. They should not allow the old men to take away their future potential wives. The same way they should protect the girls from #FGM which acts as a prerequisite for early marriage in most cases.

As youths if we allow the elderly to marry off our peers, what happens to us when we get to the age of marriage? Definitely we will be forced to go for the less old girls hence the continuity of this ill culture.

Just thinking Loud!!!!!!


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