Communities turn Culture into a Monster!!

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This monster called culture continues to enhance suffering for our women, girls and youths in general. It has been used as an excuse to continue oppression at different levels and capacities. It enhances child marriages, FGM and other harmful cultural practices. Fellow Africans when will we learn harmful culture has no place in the 21St century?

“11 teenage girls have been forced out of school due to teen age pregnancies”, “alarming rates of HIV infections among the teenagers and youths”, These are some of the headlines that have been flashed on our faces in the recent months. But Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) or even mentioning of condoms to our youths is almost a taboo. CSE has been opposed aggressively as it is deemed to go against our ‘culture’.

Allow me to ask this? What remedy does this monster called culture have for new and emerging issues? This world is changing very fast but the culture is very slow to adapt to the changes. The custodians of culture seem to be in denial, they are in slumber land. Someone kindly tap them and wake them up to the reality of the 21St century.

The sooner they wake up and realize this monster called culture is bringing more suffering to our generation than good the better. Fellow youth we need to embrace each other and claim what is rightfully ours. We need to be part of policy makers and not consumers of policies made by people whose mind set is still stuck in the 19Th century ideologies. Let’s claim our place to save our generation from being doomed.

Our culture is one that proves to have more benefits and is able to address the emerging issues of the 21St century. We cannot allow blind people to continue making life changing decisions on our behalf while we sit pretty and wait to be doomed. This is the time for youth take over. It is our time and our world……….


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