Tony Mwebia is an SDG 5 Advocate, mainly focusing on ending FGM through grassroots’ campaigns
and blogging, as well as advocating for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. He has over 5 years of
experience working with NGOs and Government agencies in Kenya. His work is informed by a long history of advocacy for women through conducting community dialogs and sensitizations aimed at changing people’s attitude and perception towards harmful cultural practices.

Tony started his career at Youth Alive Kenya as a social worker, dealing with children offenders in
government statutory institutions within Nairobi. His main work was carrying out family visits, mediations and reintegrating of the offenders with their families to all parts of Kenya.

Afterwards, he joined HIAS Refugee Trust of Kenya where he worked as a volunteer social worker conducting family visits, writing BIAs and BIDs among other duties. He later became a Project Assistant in End FGM project, dealing with Urban refugees within Nairobi. His main work involved conducting/organizing for dialogs and sensitizations among the urban refugees on matters FGM, especially in relation to the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act of October 2011 that had just been assented to law. This was his turning point in the fight against FGM. He heard things he could not imagine as men and women shared their touching stories on their experiences with FGM. This made him vow to spearhead the fight against FGM especially by involving men and boys, as he realized they were part of the missing link in the fight against FGM and other harmful cultural practices, as well as gender based violence in general.

In 2013 Tony joined a government agency and he was posted in rural Kenya approximately 350 KMS
from Nairobi. FGM prevalence in this community is currently at 84%. Here, he worked in
collaborations with different stakeholders in spearheading community dialogs and sensitizations, until April 2016 when he left his government job and started (YOWE) a youth led community based organization in the same community with #MenENDFGM as the flagship project.

In 2013 he also begun an online campaign dubbed #MenENDFGM via his twitter handle
@TonyMwebia. The campaign is aimed at rallying policy makers and all stakeholders to involve moremen in the fight against FGM. Also in the same year he begun blogging and sharing his experiences and views in the fight against FGM.

Tony is A Filming the bridge to End FGM training Scholar 2017 by AIDOS (funded by UNICEF/UNFPAJoint programme to tackle FGM/C), Women Deliver Youth Scholar 2016 and a participant of the first ever End FGM Media campaign academy by Guardian Global Media Campaign to END FGM. In July 2017 he Addressed regional FGM consultative meeting in Zanzibar Co-hosted by UNFPA, Sonke Gender Justice and MenEngage Africa (MEA)