A brotherly letter to my brothers and sisters in Tharaka Nithi County

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I am still fuming after watching the above documentary by Diana Kendi on FGM in Tharaka Nithi County. I bet fuming won’t help a thing so let me be civil with my sisters from Tharaka Nithi.“Niatia aari betu?” (How are you our girls?).  The above video paints a pathetic and ignorant picture of our beautiful girls in Tharaka Nithi County. After watching you will agree with me they are proud of and cherish FGM. The girls interviewed clearly state they had to force their way to undergo the cut and the men outline the importance of undergoing FGM as a rite of passage before being married.

My fellow brothers and sisters Africans are known to preserve their cultures but we should ask ourselves is this harmful culture of any importance to us? Research has shown us that FGM has no medical benefits but the harms are so many, so why do we continue to be ignorant of this fact?

Tharaka Nithi has one of the most learned populations when it comes to men. Tharaka has produced some of the best professors in Kenya and economic drivers of this country, so why do we continue with this outdated practice. Is this practice hindering the success of our girls? In most upper parts of Meru FGM is a thing of the past and the community has embraced change, so why not Tharaka Nithi?

Tharaka Nithi is a famous County in Kenya and its termed as the Stronghold when it comes to Kenyan politics, can we also be a stronghold in embracing change. My fellow sisters if the men from your county are forcing you to undergo the cut who said you cannot be married in other parts of the larger Meru or any other County in Kenya.

My sisters do not allow men to misuse you. They go to school and become professors while you remain at home fetching water and taking care of children. Fellow men women are the most underutilized resource in this world let’s give them a chance to excel and control their lives.

My sisters FGM is harmful and has no medical benefits whatsoever so do not be proud of undergoing the cut. This does not make you special in any way. It takes away what God gave you and created perfectly. I urge my fellow brothers from Tharaka to Say no to FGM and embrace change. Change begins with you? Let’s do this!!

Ibwega (Thank you)

Tony Mwebia

Tony Mwebia

Gender Equality Advocate, Writer, Activist & Consultant

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