Nightmares in the Church!! #FGMNotMyReligion

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Every Sunday I sit down in church and wonder when my priest will ever mention the rising incidences of child marriage and female genital mutilation within the community. Several questions linger my mind every now and then; is he ignorant? Is it the fear of losing congregants? Does he have the know-how? Or he is part of the sympathizers?

In some communities FGM is associated with spirituality and other supernatural beliefs. Community members claim of being possessed /driven by supernatural happenings to honor the call by elders to go out and carry out FGM .This often brings fear to community members who believe not undergoing the cut would bring bad omen to the family or clan. Church leaders need to demystify the spiritual aspect of FGM if this war has to be won. They cannot afford to continue giving a cold eye to this issue while it affects the congregants.

I do believe most community members have a spiritual connotation, hence if the spiritual leaders joined this fight the war could be half won. Our Muslim brothers also have a big role to play. Some of the Muslims site FGM to be contained in the hadith among other excuses. The leaders need to come forth and give a direction in this regard.

I cannot be able to meet all the religious leaders at least not for now. I pass this challenge to you as a believer who believes that these retrogressive cultural practices are harmful. Take your time and ask your Pastor, Reverend, Priest or Imam why they still remain mum on this.

Congratulations to the few religious leaders who are already educating their congregants on the same, I knew it you are already think of criticizing me for generalizing…I got you!!!


Tony Mwebia

Tony Mwebia

Gender Equality Advocate, Writer, Activist & Consultant

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