Politicians and FGM

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There has been a general outcry over years from Activists and NGOs working on ending FGM in different parts of the world and especially in the African continent on what is termed as lack of political good will in the fight against FGM. The question begs, who said a politician is a saint? You may take a monkey from the bush but the bush in it remains, culture is deep rooted in individuals and by virtue of being a politician does not automatically erode the culture in you.

Yes, it’s a general assumption that politicians should lead by example and should be law abiding. But  does this compel them to automatically change their tone on cultural issues. Remember most of them assume power after undergoing several cultural cleansing ceremonies by the same elders who are custodians of the culture.

In my view there is urgent need to change our approach towards politicians in the fight against FGM and other cultural practices. We should have them sensitized as soon as they assume office and compel them to sign child protection policies, especially the Members of County Assemblies and National Parliament from regions where the prevalence of FGM is high. This will serve as a binding document that we can always refer to during their time of service


Tony Mwebia

Tony Mwebia

Social Worker, Writer, Advocate, Activist & Consultant

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