It’s Time to Do a “Remix” in the fight against FGM

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Is the #EndFGM song getting boring to the community members? Do we need to change the tune and do a remix? Well over years’ activists have gone round and round the communities and sensitized them on the negative effects of FGM. Those who came before us sang the song and left and here we are following in their footsteps blindly!

They told the community members FGM could lead to HIV infections due to sharing of the cutting tools, now they no longer share the cutting tools. They even use gloves for protection. They said the pain was unbearable and one could die due to excessive bleeding, now they have opted for medicalization of FGM where the cut is done by qualified medical practitioners to ensure hygiene, avoid infections and take care of the pain.

They said FGM leads to complications during delivery, yes it is true but the community members will tell you we have been doing this for years and our wives have many children and it has never happened. Well I bet God has a way of forgiving their ignorance

All the above; though few examples show the need to do a remix and change the tune and tone that our predecessors have used to address FGM, otherwise the path will be the same and the community member will always come up with innovative ways of countering the negativity attached to their culture. It’s time we started using positive examples and appealing to the attitude and perception of community members other than scaring them. Let’s listen to them and incorporate them in coming up with context specific interventions that are not seen as being imposed by strangers.

Just a thought!!!!!

Tony Mwebia

Tony Mwebia

Gender Equality Advocate, Writer, Activist & Consultant

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